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About TinyEmail & FAQs

What is TinyEmail?

TinyEmail adds a tiny box to every gmail thread with a short summary you can tweet, making it easy to continually produce twitter content and stay updated as you work with your Gmail.

How to install TinyEmail?
Click on Install/Download link and get it from Google App Market Place. Click Here.

Is it Free?
Yes!, TinyEmail is free with no obligations.

Is TinyEmail available for Individuals to download as a Chrome Extension?
No!, TinyEmail is not avaiilable in Chrome store for individuals to download , we respect Email privacy of individuals so personal emails are never shared by default. TinyEmail is of excellent use for business' that deal with lot of sales and marketing emails and would like to have this tool to improve their productivity.

How does it work?
With TinyEmail you can
✓ Stay within gmail to update information across your social network. 
✓ Shorten and summarize gmails and URLs automatically. 
✓ Stay up to date with Latest business updates of sender's business. 

Does TinyEmail summarize on all gmails?
No. TinyEmail determines if a gmail is 'tweet worthy'. A 'tweet worthy' gmail has a subject line and related/useful links in the body of the gmail. If subject line is blank or too short or if there are no useful links in the body then TinyEmail will not generate twitter content.

I need help with TinyEmail whom do I contact?
For help, feedback (which we would love to hear) follow us on Twitter @TinyGmailApp.