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About TinyEmail & FAQs
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What is TinyEmail?

TinyEmail adds a tiny box to every Gmail thread with a short summary you can tweet and list of LinkedIn contacts from the email sender's company, making it easy to Reply smarter and engage better while you work with your Gmail. Below is the Actual screen shot of how the App Integrates with your Google Apps Gmail. Notice how it sits right above the reply box, keeping all the information in context!


How to install TinyEmail?
Click on Install/Download link and get it from Google App Market Place. Click Here.
TinyEmail is one of the top 10 most installed Sales/Marketing App at the Google Apps Marketplace!

Is it Free?
Yes!, TinyEmail is free with no obligations.

Is TinyEmail available for Individuals to download as a Chrome Extension?
No!, TinyEmail is not available in Chrome store for individuals to download , we respect Email privacy of individuals so personal emails are never shared by default. TinyEmail is of excellent use for business' that deal with lot of sales and marketing emails and would like to have this tool to improve their productivity.

How does it work?
With TinyEmail you can
✓ Stay within gmail to update information across your social network. 
✓ Shorten and summarize gmails and URLs automatically. 
✓ Stay up to date with Latest business updates of sender's business. 
✓ See your LinkedIn contacts in the Email sender's company. 
✓ See Real time stock price of the sender's company. 

Does TinyEmail summarize on all gmails?
No. TinyEmail determines if a gmail is 'tweet worthy'. A 'tweet worthy' gmail has a subject line and related/useful links in the body of the gmail. If subject line is blank or too short or if there are no useful links in the body then TinyEmail will not generate twitter content.

What happens when I click "signin with LinkedIn" button?
When you click signin with LinkedIn button, you will be asked to login to LinkedIn and TinyEmail will automatically bring all your 1st degree contacts who work for the company the email sender works in. Example if Jim@google.com sends you an email then you will be able to see who in your existing network of contacts works @ Google!

What does "Your contacts who work at" mean?
It means the list of contacts in your LinkedIn network who work for the company the email sender works at. Example if Jim@google.com sends you an email then you will be able to see who in your existing network of contacts works @ Google!

What is the symbol and $value next to company name?
It is the company ticker and real time stock price of the email sender's company. If company is not listed then nothing will be displayed. If it is listed the real time stock price is displayed with a green or red arrow indicating gain or loss since previous close. 

What does "Recently updated contacts in your network" mean? 
Recently updated contacts means who in your LinkedIn network of contacts has most recently made a change to their profile, this could be a Company change, a position change or skill change. When you hover over the name you can see the latest updated change. You may also click on the contact to see the full profile on LinkedIn.

How to sign off Twitter and LinkedIn in TinyEmail?
TinyEmail will keep you logged in till you logout of Twitter or LinkedIn in a separate browser window. The reason is to give you a fully automated experience.

Why is there a Google Search box at the bottom?
Email and Search are the most popular online activities, so it helps productivity when Google search is available in the context of the Email.

I need help with TinyEmail whom do I contact?
For help, feedback (which we would love to hear) Email contactus@boomi.in . Response within 1 Business day.