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Empower your Sales & Marketing Gmail users to Reply smarter & Engage better! By adding a tiny box we show you your LinkedIn contacts, tweetable email summary & real time stock prices of your CustomersAutomatically generate Twitter content in GmailAutomatically See LinkedIn Contacts in NetworkAutomatically receive Stock updates of sender

Imagine this… 
✓ Stay within gmail to update information across your social network. 
✓ Shorten and summarize gmails and URLs automatically. 
✓ See your LinkedIn contacts with the sender's company. 
✓ See real time stock price of the sender's company. 
✓ Stay upto date with Latest business updates of sender's business. 

With TinyEmail

TinyEmail automatically generates Twitter content that can be shared with a single click while you are working with your Gmail. With a single click a tweet is automatically created based on the subject line and links in the body of the email.